Wednesday, 19 February 2014

Seiwa Jazzman Bass - Take 2. . . . . .

I was going to do a feature on a one off, custom bass, that is just
that little bit different but I will come to that next time.

Any regular readers will remember this bass.
Seiwa Jazzman, that I covered in July, 2012.

I can honestly say, I have never, ever seen another one. . . . . . . .
until now.

I was contacted by Frank, who was happy for me to include his
details on this feature, who told me that he had just acquired one.
Not only that but it came with a pristine Original case, tools and
some details on a yellow sheet.
It is in VERY good condition. 
His seems to have been upgraded, with a DiMarzio P pick-up.

Frank is very pleased with the bass and he thinks it will be a keeper.

Frank has quite a few instruments of his own - this is his site.

Nice one, Frank!

I would love to hear from anyone who has the third one!! :)

Custom bass - Next time!

Cheers. :)

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Jedi said...

I have an identical SEIWA Jazzman bass. I bought it new around 1983-84 in Cambridge, MA. It has a stereo output and runs on 18v (2-9v). I've put flat wounds on it and have used it only occasionally over the last 34years. I was sold on its beauty and decent sound. My impression was the controls were Volume, Bass, Treble (going L to R, player's perspective). The switch gives you a volume boost. The pups allow individual string adjustment - very cool!

RecentlyI pulled it out to play and found that the controls don't seem to act as I thought they should. The Treble seem to make only subtle changes. The Bass know makes HUGE changes and seems to effect volume as well as frequency. I also feel like the bottom end is rather thin whereas it didn't used to be, even with the bass turned up full. Opening the backside up shows a circuit board with an adjustable/variable transistor (?). Adjusting this seems to make no change in sound or volume.

If you/anyone has more insight on the controls or spec of this bass, I'd love to her from you.