Wednesday, 19 June 2013

Ibanez ST-55 Studio Series. . . . . .

Another Guitar!!

I've only had this around four years - I was going through an Ibanez
Guitar thing and saw this.

 I took a bit of a chance on this, as the guy who was selling it said that
it sounded great - he had upgraded the pick-ups, it had been gigged 
and may need to be re-fretted!
Yet, to me, looking at the images he had got, it looked pretty good.

After several e.mails, I decided that it was worth adding to the Ibanez

When I went to collect it, I was very pleasantly surprised!
Yes, it could do with a gentle wipe down and the strings were looking a 
little tired and tarnished but the frets looked great and there was barely
a mark on it, for something that was around 30 years old.
The deal was done.

Arriving back, I was able to give it a more detailed look over.
It was sweet!
There was, however, a bit of fret buzz, which seemed to relate to light
gauge strings and almost no relief on the neck!

There followed some cleaning and setting up, which took less than an
hour - a set of 10 to 42, tune up. . . . .  Wow!
Singing like a bird!

I have bought quite a few basses, where the description has been
"hard to play, as the strings are a long way off the frets" - these
showing the opposite problem - too much relief.

Anyway, back to the ST - A very Gibson like feel, big sound, a lot
of sustain, nice balance and about the right weight.

Currently, this is now strung with Ernie Ball Power Slinky strings,
11 - 48 and is tuned to Eb - half a tone down.

As I am on a roll, with Guitars - I'll throw in another one, next time.

Cheers. :) 

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