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Peter Cook, The Final Cut . . . . . . . .

As we come to the end of the period when Peter was making
custom guitars, this was the time that the shop was opened,

Peter Cook's Guitar World.

I contacted the shop that Peter and Trevor set up and this is
what they kindly gave me.

Peter Cook's Guitar World was set up in 1981 by Peter Cook
and Trevor Newman.

The shop at 69 Station Road in Hanwell is still trading.

In 1983 Peter decided that he wanted a rest from the industry

and left the business.

Trevor reluctantly carried on - but continued successfully trading

until 2008 - when he sold the business to the current owner.

Over the years the shop has supplied many thousands of guitars

to big name players - but mostly the general playing public.
Guitars are supplied all over the world - with recent sales in
Hong Kong
and New Zealand, to name just a couple.
Peter Cook's Guitar World can be contacted on 0208 840 1244
or via their website -

This is what Peter had to say about his final period in the music business.

"I teamed up with Trevor Newman and together we opened
a shop in Hanwell, West London “Peter Cook’s Guitar World”.

I hung up my fret files in the eighties to follow other interests

but the shop lives on.

For me it’s is either yesterday, today or tomorrow;
I never
kept meticulous notes, I never really gave much
to who my customers were and my memory is very
so apart from John Entwistle I don’t know for sure
who else I made
guitars for.

As far as repairs etc are concerned names that spring to
mind are:
Lemmy, Fast Eddy, Robert Smith, Neil Murray,
Bruce Springsteen,
John Edwards. . . . . . .
Apologies to everyone I’ve forgotten....

Trevor reminded me recently, when in the company of the
Fender Custom Shop rep, that I had a march on their

‘distressed’ range as I had distressed two new Strats for

Tears for Fears back in the eighties".

Peter has given me all sorts of information since we first
met but a couple of questions were asked at that meeting,
that I have saved until last, as it seemed a good way of
concluding the article.

I asked Peter who he most admired in the guitar making
world and what did he think was perhaps the best guitar,
in his opinion.
He said that he would probably name Leo Fender and the
guitar would be. . . . . . . . . . a Fender Stratocaster.

"It was one of those designs that was right from day one.
It was good then and it is just as good today".

Peter has now come almost full circle and is enjoying playing
with his old band mates in "July".

"July" was part of the Sixties Psychedelic music scene and their
vinyl albums have become very collectible, fetching hundreds
of Dollars in the USA.
The albums were July and The Second of July.

This is the track list, with the ones marked ** being written
by Peter.

1. My Clown **
2. Dandelion Seeds
3. Jolly Mary **
4. Hallo To Me
5. You Missed It All
6. The Way
7. To Be Free **
8. Move On Sweet Flower
9. Crying Is For Writers
10. I See **
11. A Friendly Man
12. A Bird Lived
13. Hallo Who's There **
14. The Way [single version]
15. You Missed It All
16. My Clown
17. Dandelion Seeds
18. The Stamping Machine
19. A Bird Lived **
20. Look At Her
21. The Way
22. Friendly Man **
23. I See
24. The Girl In The Cafe
25. You See Me, I See You
26. Man Outside
27. Move On Sweet Flower
28. Hallo To Me

Scroll down for the English version.

This is clip of Peter, playing a Strat, paying Homage to The Shadows.

A link to Peter on Facebook.

So, I have sort of come to an end of the Peter Cook story.
As Peter said to me, "it's a long time ago when all of this happened".

He is now enjoying his music again - like going back to his youth
and is rehearsing with his fellow members of "July".

"As far as July is concerned, we will be releasing a new album this year
and we will be ‘hitting the road’ at some point".

I have thoroughly enjoyed doing "Peter Cook, Guitar Maker".

I would like to thank Peter, for all of his input and enthusiasm for the
feature - it took me some time to track him down but I think you will
all agree, it was well worth it.
I would also like to thank all the other people that have given their
input to the feature.

Peter has "some papers" that he may "dig out", so you never know,
it could be "Peter Cook Re-Visited".

I would also like to thank all of the visitors who have read the article
and would like to remind them that is they know of a Peter Cook
instrument, or have pictures of one, I would love to hear from you.

The End. . . . . . . . for the time being. . . . . :)

So, for all of you who have dropped me a line or two about the collection,
during the feature - thank you, I did get your messages - some interesting
snippets which I may use later and yes. . . . . to those who want some
more bass and guitar, next time will be all about an Ibanez 2495B
Destroyer and a fairly rare Greco.

All the best - See you next week.

Eric. :)

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