Saturday 24 June 2023

Peter Cook Axis Bass Guitar Very Rare 1 Of Only 8 Produced !!

 Hi to all out there!

I am starting to run out of titles for more finds from the maker of Axis Basses amd Guitars, so I used the heading from something I found during the first lockdown year.

I thought I had lost all of this for good! Memory sticks  - great for what you can put on them but tiny and very easy to lose!!

Having put up the last post for Axis Bass 204, I went hunting for that tiny USB stick and found it. . . . . with other things I thought I had lost, so here it is, with words from the previous owner, who had it up for sale but after all of this time, I can't remember where or how much it went for. . . . lost in the sands of time! If you are reading this now and you have it, please get in touch with me via comments. Thank you. 

Words and images below are from the owner who had it up for sale.

Peter Cook Axis Bass Guitar Very Rare 1 Of Only 8 Produced !!

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It’s a heartbreaking decision to sell my most treasured basses but that’s what this virus has done.

So here is an Axis Bass Guitar built by Peter Cook this is Number Three out of eight basses that he built in the Axis series, this is a very very rare and desirable guitar.

Peter Cook was best known for building a lot of the amazing basses for John Entwhistle of The Who, he also worked for Pete Townsend and many others he was also responsible for the Ned Callan range of guitars so this is an exceptional hand built bass built by a master craftsman.

The neck and body of the guitar is Rose Wood the stripes are Maple. It has an Active On Board Parametric Tonal System, the circuits of which were created by Tony Koorlander. Has both an XLR and Standard Jack Socket, Grover Tuners.This was streets ahead of anything around at the time.

Has an amazing range of tonality, cosmetically it’s in excellent condition with very few dings, it’s been played mainly in studio settings rather than live and not that often at that. The action is low and fast but can be adjusted, its truly an original and I am really loathe to part with it.

Condition is Used. Buyer Collects.

Credit to Flat Eric for some of the info



As you can see this one is 203, one number behind the last find and as Peter recalled that he can only remember making eight Basses and eight Guitars, it is looking truly great for the third off the line. To date, I have not seen a serial number over 208 on either.

The look of this bass is very close to the Axis guitar that I found and was mine for a time but was pleased that I could reunite Peter with one of his creations. As he said to me, "I have made all these things in the past but have very little of what I did"

Peter, The Axis Guitar and me! 

The guitar that Peter now has, came from half way around the world and cosidering there are only 16 instruments out there, I amazed that I have managed to track so many down.


Ok, that's enough for now - back with more stuff, as soon as I can.

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Tony Koorlander said...

The most wonderful guitar that I ever owned was my 6 string Axis ....sold back to Peter (I think) in order to pay the deposit on our first home. A long time ago, but I'll never forget the instantly comfortable balance, the superb clear tones and sustain, along with Peter's perfect setup. Would buy it back in a heartbeat!

Smiley said...

Hi Flat Eric, I can now end your misery in finding the Peter Cook Axis Bass Number 203. I purchased it from the seller you make reference to in your photos during lockdown. It's a truly wonderful bass, Peter was a brilliant Luthier. I am unable to post photos but if you have another means of contact I would be quite happy so post them.

On another guitar you mention in one of your Bloggs. I also own a Reeve guitar, purchased from Ebay probably a couple of years ago. The reason I bought is was because I was in a band in the 1980s called Flesh and Steel and Mick Reeve was our guitarist for a while. At this time he used a Les Paul style guitar which was built by his dad and his friend. Once again I have photos of the guitar which I can forward if I have your contact details. We did make a video with Mick playing guitar but Technology has moved on and I have no way of getting an image. ( perhaps in the future I will get it put on DVD and then I can forward something to you.

Hope all the above is of interest to you. Regards John Sutton

Flat Eric said...

John, Hi.
Would love you to send me more details/pics.
Please send to contactflateric (at)

Look forward to hearing from you.
Cgeers. :)

Flat Eric said...

John, Hi.
Would love you to send me more details/pics.
Please send to contactflateric (at)

Look forward to hearing from you.
Cheers. :)