Thursday, 16 February 2023

More Bass and Guitar content than I could remember. . . . . .

 To all who have been here before. . . . .

Over the last few weeks, I have been speaking to Lars Mullen quite a bit, as we are still in touch, keeping each other up to date on what we are up to. 

Well, it was during one of our chats that I referred back to a couple of events, including the Guitars on the beach thing in 2014, with Ian Gillan doing Smoke on the water. . . .

This got me feeling a bit nostalgic, so as it was nine years ago, I thought I would search for it on the blog - this post.

Guitars on the beach 2014

Having travelled back in time with a read through that, as the weather wasn't that sparkling, I thought I would get a coffee and sit and read all my blog posts from the very begining. That would entertain me for a while. Whilst I have gone back to older posts for reference and read the feature posts in the order that made sense (older ones first), I can't really remember reading the whole thing.

After a couple of hours, I had to get up, stretch my legs, get another coffee and carry on. After another hour, I thought I had best leave it for the time being and come back to it!

So, for the next few days I carried on for an hour or so at a time, usually with a very early moring coffee. As time passed, I began to realise there was still a lot to go through. As I sit here typing this, there is still a lot to go through! 

Looking at the posts I have read this morning, something has occurred to me - it's taking long enough to read them, how on earth did I find the time to take the images, do the research, arrange the interviews, collate everything, type it up and post it. On top of that answering emails and helping out with any questions.

I am, and readers who started at the begining, are all 14 years older now and I wonder if we all feel the same - do you reflect beck and think "how did I manage to do all that stuff with everything else in life going one?"

I think I need a lie down!


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